The First Hundred -1888


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Mayor: Mr G. W. Riley

Councillors: Messrs J. B. Green, W. Cooke, G. Houldsworth, E. Bythell, J. J. Sinclair, R. McArtney, W. Ching, W. B. Parker, H. Jellyman.


Council levies a special 6d in £ rate on its inner area for the purchase of a "powerful steam engine." The cost is £1200. Council joins the Municipal Association of New Zealand.

The Church of the Nativity holds moonlight organ concerts in a parishioner's garden in Grove Road. Five hundred people attend.

A tender of £2450 was accepted for the new Criterion Hotel in wood and iron, from Scouller & Archibald, of Wellington.


Works & Finance Committee formed in Council.

Council authorises the moving of a shooting gallery from Market Street North to Market Street South.

Council advertises an Alfred Street bridge design competition in Nelson and Wellington. First prize is 5% of the bridge price. Bishop Suter consecrates the new organ in the Church of the Nativity.

A local draper advertises goods for sale at 90% below cost.


The Marlborough Times advises the "gentleman" who threw a stone through its skylight that although the glass was broken the stone is undamaged and may be claimed upon application.

The Hibernian athletic sports were held on Mr Henry Jellyman's paddock in Maxwell Road. First prize for the maiden foot race is 40/-.


10: Carr's Hardware Store, Scollard's Tailors and J. T. Mowat's wool store burnt down.

A roller skating rink is opened in Ewart's Hall, High Street.


Council informs the Spring Creek and Omaka Road Board that they must keep the road to the river in good order or it will be closed to them.

Council gives Mrs A. Carter permission to build a foot bridge over the Omaka River leading from Alfred Street to the Panama Boarding House (which became the first R.S.A. Clubhouse). A tender of £931.8.4 is accepted for the Alfred Street Bridge (the existing road bridge). Council has a credit balance of £1041.12.8 after the first 12 months of operating the gasworks. There is great excitement in Blenheim regarding a report of gold at Mahakipawa.

22: Mr W. Carr circles all pot-holes in front of his shop with chalk each morning. They receive prompt attention from Council.


27: The Marlborough Rugby Union is formed. Mr H. Dodson first President.


A great sensation in Blenheim when houses and a shop are set alight. The owner of one house was bound and gagged by the arsonists.


10: A new drill shed opened in Seymour Street.


The Blenheim Trade Protection Association asks Council to appoint a night watchman.

The Town Clerk's duties include parading the streets between 8 and 9 in the morning with eye, ear and nose cocked for sights, sounds and smells that constitute a nuisance.

26: The Blenheim Borough School is burnt down.

28: The Workingmen's Club is formed with Mr J. Kirby as first president.


A big fire in Earll & McKenzie's livery stables, Grove Road.

Council overdraft £1313.3.9; rates 9 1/2d in £ plus a Hospital Board rate of 1 1/2d in £; rates produce £934; rateable value £26,339; estimates £2253.11.9.

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