The First Hundred - 1884


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Mayor: Mr H. Dodson

Councillors: Messrs G. W. Riley, W. Gillespie, R. Wanden, M. Healy, W. Sinclair, W. Douslin, T. Horton, W. B. Parker, D. Wemyss, W. Ching.


Government offers Blenheim £500 towards district hospital if £250 can be found locally.

Blenheim suffers from an epidemic of umbrella stealing.

The Blenheim Preserving Company advertises for five tons each of peaches, plums, apricots and pears — and 150,000 rabbits. A lady referred to as "Aunt Sally" is murdered in Blenheim.


The Criterion Hotel opens for business. It has an ingenious "Yankee" dodge in the form of a patent scraper and boot cleaner for the convenience of guests.

A nine-year-old girl charged, named and convicted in the Magistrate's Court, of stealing a purse. She was dis­charged.


The Council has an overdraft of £1511.

Dr Cleghorn removes from a 21-year-old girl's nose a button which had been there for 16 years.

12: The Wairau Bridge at Gouland's Ferry, Spring Creek, is opened. Price £12,000.

An Italian strolls through Blenheim playing a barrel organ. The Express states that the presence of such merry music in the streets indicates that "Blenheim is advancing with giant strides."


Council resolves that the balance sheet be not accepted, and that it be referred back to the treasurer.

A special meeting is called to dispense with the services of the Town Clerk (Mr J. T. Robinson) and with the rate collector, inspector of works, registrar of dogs, and Borough treasurer. All five jobs in the future were to be done by one person. Ten applied for the position and ex-Councillor William Nosworthy was appointed at a salary of £1 15 per annum.

Council buys a new horse. It was moved that the old horse have "a rug put on it and be turned out."

14: The Blenheim Mistletoe Druids' Lodge is formed in Blenheim.


Some rascally thief stole the Church of Nativity collection of 19/3. The Express presumes that all hopes of finding the sacrilegous monster of iniquity must be abandoned.

The Blenheim Football Club members organise a "fox" hunt to keep fit. The fox, a fellow player, has five minutes' start from Market Square and blows a horn to acquaint the pack of his whereabouts.


Mr H. Dodson is re-elected Member for Wairau.


A separate rate of 6d in the E for central areas is struck to have the streets watered because of dust. 6: Blenheim Rowing Club formed.

The Town Clerk has to give a bond of £100 and three sureties because he is the Borough Treasurer.

Kinross Street is formed.

A local man is committed to the asylum for accusing all and sundry of trying to inject gas into him in order to remove the gas from his bones.


An offer by Mr J. J. Sinclair to widen Market Street South is refused by Council.

Council has great problems with the drainage of Collie's Hollow, an area between High and Alfred Streets, near the back of the present Borough Council Chambers. Where this waterway flowed into the Omaka River was the wharf area for Wynen's ships.

Mr William Patchett is appointed to drive the water cart. There were 26 applications for the position.

A Cycling Club is formed in Blenheim.

The Bank of New South Wales opens in Blenheim.

Two hundred horsemen hunt with the Wairau Hunt Club.


Building starts on the Salvation Army barracks in Wynen Street.


A Blenheim Rowing Club four pulls from Blenheim to the Wairau Bar in 1 hour 20 minutes.

Trout fishing licences on sale for 10/-. Fishing between 5 am and 10 pm only, and fish under nine inches to be put back. Dynamite or explosives not allowed.


Five Blenheim boys are convicted of "tin-kettling" a newly-married couple. They banged pots, pans and kerosene tins in "a hideous concert calculated to usher in the bliss of matrimony."

Rates collected, £1184.18.2. Estimates, £4172.10.7. Valua­tion, £22,931.

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