The First Hundred - 1883


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Mayor: Mr H. Dodson

Councillors: Messrs W. Gillespie, D. Wemyss, W. B. Parker, G. W. Riley, W. Douslin, J. Sinclair, J. T. Robinson, A. Rogers, T. Horton, M. Healy, R. Wanden.


3000 people attend the Royal Australian Circus on Seymour Square.

Mr H. Dodson, M.H.R. for Wairau, is installed as Mayor of Blenheim.

Council increases Fire Brigade annual grant from £20 to £50 and agrees to give books to the Library to the value of its rates.


Council committee formed to investigate a low-pressure water supply for town.

Maxwell Road residents woken up one night by screams of "Murder!" Investigations produced no murderers — only a woman, dead drunk, sitting in the swamp. They put her to bed.

26: Work commenced on laying three miles of gas mains.


Water Committee granted £30 to investigate high-pressure water supply.

Mr George Carter applies to Licensing Committee to construct a 50-room hotel at the corner of Market and Alfred Street, to be called the Criterion.

The Express congratulates Mr Littlejohn, manufacturer of the town clock, on its excellence, but regrets it cannot extend similar praise to the architect of the tower in which it is situated.

Meeting held to form Marlborough Cavalry Corps.

17: Formation of a new Philharmonic Society in Blenheim.


Gasworks commences operations in Blenheim. Lamps lighted. A Blenheim hotelier who has provided coils of rope in all up­stairs bedrooms, for the use of guests in case of fire, removed these — for on the first night three guests used the rope to lower their baggage and themselves to the ground, leaving un­paid bills behind them.

Blenheim resident catches eels in rat traps.

There are 468 children in Blenheim schools.


Carpenters and joiners meet to institute a 46-hour week. Their representations met with scant courtesy from the employers, and the matter was dropped.

Council refuses to buy the Gasworks from the private enterprise concern that erected it.

The Express prints an extra edition to cover a Nelson - Marl­borough football match. Marlborough lost.

Tenders called for upper High Street bridge.


Permission granted for north side of Alfred Street to be used for stacking timber for new Criterion Hotel.

Blenheim's first imported tricycle is demonstrated by its owner, Archdeacon Butt, who had just been to England for holiday.

17: Work begun on filling Collie's Hollow, Market Street North. Rates I/- in £. Borough valuation £20,870.

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