The First Hundred - 1881


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Mayor: Mr F. T. Farmar

Councillors: Messrs G. W. Riley, A. G. Fell, W. Douslin, W. Litchfield, A. Rogers, J. T. Robinson, W. Sinclair, W. B. Parker, G. Houldsworth, D. Wemyss.


27: Blenheim Swimming Club sports, first held in Marlborough.


Registrar of dogs complains to Council that his salary of £5 per annum is insufficient.

A 4 lb trout is caught in Taylor River.


Rogers Street formed.

Express reports a new industry in Blenheim, the making of gun­powder by a native of Arabia.


Council makes a grant to the Fire Brigade of £20.

A Council committee which was appointed to inspect a ditch in front of a house could not agree on a solution so it was resolved that the whole Council should make an inspection.

A motion to license carts and carriages was defeated.

9: Tenders called for re-erection of Wesleyan Chapel. Contract let for £141. 1. (First church has been destroyed by fire on March 24th when almost completed.)

A meeting is held in the Masonic Hotel to form the United Football Club.


There are 68 public servants in Blenheim, their wages totalling £10,386 a year.


Coal from Shakespeare Bay mine is delivered in Blenheim. Results of mining better than previous attempts.


Sutherland Terrace is formed.

9: Agreement reached between the Council and Mr S. Hutcheson to provide Blenheim with a private enterprise gas­works. This was offered to the town at £8000. A ratepayers' poll refused the offer — and the works was subsequently bought for £14,000 by the Council.


There are 365 children in Borough Schools.

17: Wairau Masonic Lodge, 663 S.C., is consecrated.

The Express condemns proposed legislation giving a local body power to determine the hours of retail trading in its area. The move is described as "Officious interference by every little trumped-up local body, which would create an insupportable species of tyranny."


Mr W. Carr opens a business in Market Street, as iron, zinc and tin plate worker.

7: Contingent of Blenheim Volunteer Rifle Brigade leave town for Maori Wars in North Island.

Mr H. Dodson beats Mr A. P. Seymour in parliamentary election for Wairau seat.

Mr F. T. Farmar re-elected Mayor.

Rates 1/- in £. Expenditure £2167. Population 2166.

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