The First Hundred - 1880


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Mayor: Mr F. T. Farmar

Councillors: Messrs G. Houldsworth, A. G. Fell, D. Wemyss, J. T. Robinson, A. Rogers, W. B. Parker, W. Litchfield, A. Presswood, W. Sinclair, G. W. Riley.


The Marlborough Express becomes a daily paper after Messrs S. J. Furness and J. H. Boundy take over from the founder, Mr S. Johnson.

Twenty-one telegraphists in Blenheim strike to resist increase of hours and overtime. Each striker was subsequently fined £5, with no pay while "out".

Council agrees to the installation of the gasworks by private enterprise, and the erecting of 12 street lamps at a cost of £150.

In the Borough Council election for north ward, 99 votes are cast out of a possible 102.

N.Z. Railways call tenders for erection of Railway Station in Blenheim for Picton-to-Blenheim railway line, which hitherto had terminated at a point north of the Opawa River.


Haircuts 6d, shaving 3d — advertisement. Tenders called for forming of South Street.


Good Templars Hall dedicated in Grove Road.


11: First passenger train from Picton comes into Blenheim.

Queen Victoria has reigned for 43 years.


Council buys an extra horse.

The Blenheim Drum & Fife Band formed. Two drums, triangle, and 12 piccolos.


Contract let for bridge over Omaka River, £297.16.0.


Potatoes are selling for £1 per ton.


Lack of correct land deeds presented Council with the problem of a ratepayer owning a 14-inch strip through the middle of another ratepayer's shop.

Council proposal to raise Maxwell Road 12 inches causes an outcry, as it is feared such a move will turn Blenheim into a lake. The proposal is dropped.

Population, 1800. Borough area 1575 acres. Estimates £2971. Rates 1/- in £. Capital value £17,662. Dwellings 370.

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