The First Hundred - 1879


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Mayor: Mr A. G. Fell

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, D. Wemyss, W. B. Parker, A. Rogers, G. Houldsworth, W. Litchfield, A. Presswood, W. B. Earll, W. Sinclair.


Percy Street is formed.


Dr George Cleghorn presents his first hospital report to Council. Shrimps caught in the Omaka River are said to taste like mud.

21. Consecration of the Church of Nativity by the Bishop of Nelson.

28: Fifteen shopkeepers and professional people lost their premises in a fire on the east side of Market Place and Market Street North.


Horse, cart and harness bought by Council for £75 after nine months' deliberation.

Market Street widened.

Parker Bros lay first piece of concrete footpath in Blenheim in front of their store — 20 feet by 10 feet at 10/- per square yard.

The Express states it is satisfactory to know that the increase of criminal activity is all due to strangers.

First map of Blenheim completed; it is 7 feet by 4 feet.


By-laws passed prohibiting the breaking-in of horses and the driving of herds of cattle through Blenheim during the day.

Warrant issued for arrest of man called "Bluenose" who bit the local constable's thumb.


A Wellington draper who opened a branch in Blenheim is re­ferred to in the advertising columns of The Express by a local draper as being a "Wellington hawker". The advertiser also warns Blenheim people not to be "done by strangers" who are rag merchants coming to Blenheim after having "sunk in the mire of the windy city."


Six-roomed house to let in High Street, 9/- per week.


Inspector of Nuisances reports 28 pig sties in central Blenheim. Council overdraft £30.


Private industry offers to establish a gasworks in Blenheim. Mr F. T. Farmar elected Mayor.

Rates 1/- in £. Borough expenditure £3033.11.11.

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