The First Hundred - 1878


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Mayor: Mr A. G. Fell

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, W. Nosworthy, D. Wemyss, W. B. Parker, J. E. Hodson, C. J. Rae, W. B. Earll, F. T. Farman, A. Rogers, W. Litchfield, G. Houldsworth, A. Presswood, G. Fell.


In the twelfth New Year since its birth, The Express congratu­lates itself on attaining "so fair and mature an age."

It is reported that larrikins had caused a great disturbance on New Year's Eve, removing shutters from shops, overturning con­veyances, carrying away gates and other senseless and idiotic performances.


Redwood Street re-gravelled for £50.


Blenheim man advertises for a wife in a Wellington paper. He stated he had no objection to a widow, providing she had not more than ten children.

W. Delaney challenges anybody to a 150-yard foot race for £25.

Council considers the best means for a water supply in Blenheim.

Working shirts 1/-, woollen socks 1/3, flour £14 per ton.

The Blenheim Christy Minstrels perform at Ewart's Hall.

Lowest tender for forming and metalling York Terrace is £73.18.0.


Estimated cost of Hospital in Blenheim £430.

All cattle trespassing in Seymour Square to be impounded. Proposal to form Whitney Street.


Government building in Market Place completed; total cost £11,000.

Council decides to buy its own horse and cart and forms a Horse & Cart Committee.

Females would not use the streets at night owing to the rudeness of idlers.

Council would not form a Works & Finance Committee, as too much power would accrue to the members, who would then dictate to Council.

10: Council decides to form a Wairau Hospital Committee.


New Catholic Church opened in Maxwell Road by Bishop Red­wood.

Town clerk's salary increased from £60 to £100. Blenheim Ratepayers' Society formed with 50 members.

26: The Edwin Fox leaves England with immigrants for West­land, Nelson and Marlborough.


Wairau Hospital started in Municipal Barracks, Park Terrace, with a maximum of four patients.

No quorum at Council meeting as most members were attending the Ratepayers' Association meeting.


Park Terrace formed.

293 children in Blenheim schools.

Correspondent describes Blenheim Borough Council as "the most disreputable ring that ever disgraced this or any other town."


Fire Brigade proposes to acquire a steam engine, cost £600.

Twenty-two acres at Redwoodtown sold at the high price of £600.

The Blenheim Cricket Club decides to sell all bats and equip­ment and abolish the Club.

Population of Marlborough 7552, Blenheim 1692; 350 dwellings; capital value of Blenheim £16,131.

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