The First Hundred 1877


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Mayor: Mr A. G. Fell

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, D. Wemyss, A. Rogers, F. T. Farmar, W. Nosworthy, W. B. Parker, J. E. Hodson, W. B. Earll.


"A group of hobbledehoys" is castigated by The Express for throwing stones at dogs on the Omaka Bridge.


Planking on Taylor Bridge renewed.

Alfred Street described as a quagmire after rain.


Tenders called for the forming and metalling of Henry, John and Seymour Streets.

Rates to be made up from the education rate list of 1875. Tender of 9/6 per chain for forming of Redwood Street accepted.


Town Clerk is authorised to spend £10 for furniture and lamps, as previously he has had to borrow these.


A new artesian well at the rear of the Royal Hotel sunk 70 feet deep produces some small gravel — and also numerous colours of gold, some of which weigh five grains.

Soap advertised at 8d a bar, currants 5d per lb, chairs 5/6 each, tobacco 5/- per 11b, wheat 4/6 per bushel, oats 2/8. £40 voted for trees and improvements to Seymour Square. Specifications called for forming of Dillon Street.

Council paying 2/2 per yard for gravel.


New Government buildings started in Market Place. Monster carrot grown locally, weighing 8 lb 10oz.

Council discusses advisability of establishing a cottage hospital in Blenheim.

Blenheim Debating Society formed.


Borough seal with a Beaver in the centre ordered.


Local Bodies in Blenheim: Provincial Council, Borough Council, Scab Board, Lower Wairau River Board, Omaka Roads Board, Wairau Roads Board, Marlborough Waste Lands Board, Spring Creek Roads Board, Spring Creek Rivers Board, Marl­borough Education Board, Wairau Board of Conservators, Marlborough Lands Board.

Captain Bambell Walker interviews the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Mr Seymour re prospects for State forestry in Marl­borough.

Public pound is reported to Council as being in a "beastly" state. Blenheim land prices: Section 39, £7; Section 42, £10; Section 1094, £9 (all quarter acres).


5 The Express states that had it 50 votes it would not give one to Mr George Henderson in a Blenheim Borough Council election.

Mr John Robinson, first town clerk, is collector of rates, Borough treasurer, inspector of works and returning officer.

Tenders called for forming of Nelson Street.


5 Proceedings instituted against former Mayor for shingling a roof without a permit.

Council petitioned by a ratepayer to order a neighbour to remove a water closet which was up against his back door. The neigh­bour requested Council to order the petitioner to discontinue throwing rotten oranges and onions and other household slops of a disgusting nature under his house.

Ale 71/2d a quart, stout 8d a quart.

Young trout from Canterbury liberated in the Omaka River.

24: Express advertiser states "For that supremely efficient remedy for kidney and bladder ailments, dyspepsia, undue nerve excitement and general want of strength, buy Udolpho Wolfe's Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps."


Opawa Bridge at Grove Road collapses during a flood and is carried down stream.

Deputation to Wellington by Mayor and chairman of Spring Creek River Board for Government assistance for new bridge.


First horticulture show held in Blenheim.

Rates 9d in £. Estimates, £2281. Capital value, £14,427.

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