The First Hundred - 1876


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Mayor: Mr J. E. Hodson

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, W. Nosworthy, F. T. Farmar, W. B. Parker, D. Wemyss, A. Rogers, A. G. Fell, W. B. Earll, J. Jellyman, W. Norgrove.


District of Southside (Stephenson Street to Muller Road area) annexed by Borough.

15: Hibernian Society formed in Blenheim.


Annual subsidy from Colonial Government of £81 received. Forming and metalling of Redwood Street for £49.


First plans of the town authorised for £20.


Maintenance to Walter, Weld, Stephenson, and Sinclair Streets and Maxwell Road.


17: The Express refuses to publish a letter regarding the dancing classes at Renwick, stating that it holds some prominent people up to ridicule.


Maxwell Road inspected for proposed footpath.


In reply to a complaint re unregistered dogs, the Mayor reminds Council that the local constable was liable to a fine of 40/- if he knew of any unregistered dog and allowed it to go free.


Beef, veal and pork 3d to 5d per lb, sausages 7d per lb, accord­ing to newspaper advertisement.


29: At a Picton v Blenheim rifle match dinner the following Navy; the Blenheim Company; the Picton Company; the Cadets toasts were proposed and drunk: The Loyal Toast; Army and of the Province; the Mayor and Corporation; Our Visitors; the Non-Commissioned Officers; the Markers; the Highest Scorer; the Press; the Ladies; the Chairman; Captain Robinson; the Host; the Hostesses. All present then sang Auld Lang Syne with great verve and gusto!

Cricket match between B.C.C. (Blenheim Carters and Cabmen) and B.B.B.B. (Blenheim Butchers, Bakers and Blacksmiths) played at Seymour Square.

Government Buildings in Market Place burnt down, as well as many other buildings — Masonic Hotel, Marlborough Club, Carter's Store, J. Ewart's Hotel, Litchfield's Store, etc. In all, 44 buildings.

Town Clerk reports that all records, minutes, valuations and past correspondence of the Borough were burnt in the fire. The minutes as per The Marlborough Express report were then read and confirmed.

Thomas Collins was convicted of driving furiously in a horse and trap in the Borough. Fined £2.

£100 reward offered for information leading to the conviction of persons who started the great fire.


Roderick McIvor challenges anybody to a foot race for £25.

The Marlborough Express, on learning that Sir George Grey has  been offered the Governorship of the Cape Colony, expresses the hope that he will accept — and clear out before the next session. Borough valuation £15,888. Rates 1/- in £.

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