The First Hundred - 1875


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Mayor: Mr J. E. Hodson

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, W. B. Earll, W. Norgrove, W. B. Parker, F. T. Farmar, W. Nosworthy, A. G. Fell, J. Jellyman, T. W. Millington, D. Wemyss.


Blenheim Cricket Club given permission to plough and sow Seymour Square.

Repairs and maintenance to Walter Street (now lower Scott Street) and Francis Street.

Councillor J. Jellyman institutes private prosecution against two horsemen for riding on the footpath.


Footpath in Wynen Street to cost £7.4.0 and in High Street £6.

Specifications for forming of Charles Street prepared.


Council votes £20 towards new fire tender.


Council condemns the "breaking in" of horses in Seymour Square.

The Town Clerk is instructed to order ratepayers to trim their hedges.


A parade through Blenheim with the new fire engines, which were named "Perseverance" and "Dauntless" by Mrs Hodson,wife of the Mayor. The town band was in attendance under the baton of Herr Norberg, the Provincial Hall was opened for the ladies who graced the occasion with their presence. The pro­ceedings ended with a "cold collation" (supper) at the Royal Hotel, where the pluck and daring of the fire brigade volunteers was liberally toasted. During the supper some low fellows climbed the roof and made a disgraceful noise.

Council receives complaints re the smell from pig styes in central Blenheim.


17: Picton - Blenheim railway opened for traffic from Picton to a paddock north of the Opawa River.


Permission granted for the use of Maxwell Road for a trotting race.

E. Bythell starts building the Nelson Street bridge over the Opawa River.

Estimates £635.

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