The First Hundred - 1874


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Mayor: Mr J. M. Hutcheson

Councillors: Messrs W. Litchfield, W. M. Norgrove, W. Nosworthy, J. T. Robinson, C. J. W. Griffiths, J. E. Hodson, F. T. Farmar, H. Dodson, W. B. Parker, A. G. Fell, W. B. Earll.


Tenders called for forming footpath in Grove Road.


11: Mr A. P. Seymour re-elected Provincial Superintendent.

18: Council meets and minutes read and confirmed. Council then adjourns as Councillors appear not disposed towards business.


6: Protest signed by Auckland Street residents that proposed footpath would be detrimental to their properties.

By-law passed to stop the nuisance of men and boys standing on the bridges and footpaths of the Borough and making insult­ing remarks to passers-by.

23: Poison laid in Maxwell Road.

9. It is revealed that the collector of rates has not paid his rates (he explained he did not live on his property all the time).


Provincial Council votes £50 to Acclimatisation Society and £50 to A. & P. Society.

10: Discussion on formation of Redwood Street.


Californian quail liberated in Marlborough.

Town Clerk goes to Dunedin to select 22 immigrants for Blenheim.


Mayor rules at a special meeting of the Council that it could not be adjourned. It was therefore moved that the meeting "collapse". The motion was carried, and it "collapsed" ac­cordingly.

A meeting is held in Mr Aaron Penney's Royal Hotel, Grove Road, to establish a woollen mill near Blenheim.


A councillor (Mr Dodson) moves the dismissal of a fellow councillor (Mr Griffiths) owing to unpaid Education Board rates. The Mayor was asked for a ruling but was reminded that he he sbould be careful and bear in mind his past mistakes in rulings. The matter then lapsed, with the accused councillor treating his accuser with the greatest coolness.

The A. & P. Society proposes buying six acres in east Maxwell Road as the Show-rounds. The committee has a serious dif­ference of opinion regarding the purchase.


Councillor Dodson, when his resolution regarding the Mayoral election is defeated, explained that he will "Quit the Council for ever." He wished those present good night and departed. (He returned nine years later to be Mayor.)

Marlborough beats Nelson at Rugby. Total scrums — Marl­borough 166, Nelson 106.

Population of Blenheim 956.

Borough overdraft £6.11.9. Estimates £563.13.6. Rates 1/-in £.

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