The First Hundred - 1873


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Mayor: Mr G. Henderson

Councillors: Messrs J. T. Robinson, J. E. Hodson, J. Connal, W. B. Parker, C. J. W. Griffiths, W. Nosworthy, W. Litchfield, H. Dodson, F. T. Farmar, J. M. Hutcheson.


3: Great storm in Blenheim.

Council receives a petition to have the public pound removed from Wynen Street.

Dr Carr, a visiting mesmerist, manipulates the heads of some principal townsmen.


First cab plies for hire.

Samuel Johnson, proprietor of The Express, advertises regarding an absconded apprentice, James Fulton.

The Wairau County Board builds a bridge over the Omaka at the west end of High Street. Mr Nixon contractor, £60.


The Blenheim Y.M.C.A. meets at Wesleyan Church. Mr Robert Rush, secretary.

The Express refers to the opposition paper, The Times, as "That abominable sheet which trades on malice, spite, vice and im­morality." In return the Times accuses the Express of crimes "so transcendantly villainous that it shudders to think of such monsters of iniquity."


Council authorises the cutting of a drain from Arthur Street to the south-east corner of the town for £63.19.0.


The public is invited to leave interesting items with Mr Rae at the Blenheim Institute for a future museum.

7: Mr Cyrus Coulter is appointed Sheriff of Marlborough. Kerosene is 3/41/2d per gallon.


21: The National Bank opens an agency in Blenheim.


20: Mr Eccles opens Ewart's Hall in High Street. Built by Messrs Honor & Eyles at £464, it was 60 feet x 35 feet and was for many years the main hall in Blenheim.


Council proposes to form a footpath in Grove Road. Telegraph staff transferred from White's Bay to Government Buildings, Blenheim.


Council requests Professor Augustus to stop draining soapy water from his public baths into Wynen Street.


Mr J. M. Hutcheson elected Mayor.

Rates produce £486.6.9. Rates I/- in the £. Education rate 2d in £. Valuation £9726.15.0. Estimates £589:16.10.

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