The First Hundred - 1872


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Mayor: Mr G. Henderson

Councillors: Messrs J. Sinclair, W. Nosworthy, W. Litchfield, J. E. Hodson, J. M. Hutcheson, F. T. Farmar, A. McLauchlan,

H. Dodson, J. T. Robinson, J. Connal.


Mr W. H. Eyes, Member for Wairau, resigns his seat in Parlia­ment. He became Provincial Secretary for Marlborough and Commissioner of Crown Lands.

Blenheim Rifle Volunteers march to Hawkesbury (eight miles) for a rifle match, led by Piper McLean, of Kaituna, who played spirited, stirring strains on the bag pipes. Mr Bremner also played his violin. A ball was held afterwards at Shaw's Hotel, Renwick, continuing "till daylight did appear".

25: The Governor, Sir George F. Bowen, visits Blenheim and is met by a deputation protesting against the appointment of Mr W. H. Eyes, late Member for Wairau, as a Magistrate.


Cornelius Murphy offers land for lease at Springlands. It was laid down in English grass and flax. There was a water wheel on the land producing 15 h.p.


Waterlea farm sold for £750. Bought by Archibald McCallum. First bi-weekly issue of The Marlborough Express, which had previously been published once a week.


Second Wairau A. & P. Show held in Hodson's Paddock, Maxwell Road.


Labourers' wages reported as 6/- for a nine-hour day.


First sod turned in Picton - Blenheim railway, Picton end. Workers direct from England earn 5/- per day.


The steamer Wallace comes up the Opawa River. The Marlborough Club has 40 members.

Coach fares to Picton 14/- return.


Prior to a general election, citizens burn a politician in effigy.


A telegraph message is received from London in 3 hours 10 minutes.

4: Blenheim Building Society formed, with Mr W. Nosworthy as secretary.


A petition signed by 400 residents is presented to the Premier asking for a Civil Service Commission to enquire into the conduct of the Provincial Secretary, Mr W. H. Eyes.

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