The First Hundred - 1871


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Mayor: Mr H. Dodson

Councillors: Messrs J. M. Hutcheson, J. T. Robinson, J. Sinclair, J. Taylor, G. Henderson, F. T. Farmar, W. Nosworthy, W. M. Collie, A. McLauchlan, J. E. Hodson, J. Connal.


1: Sports in Seymour Square; Blenheim Brass Band in attend­ance. Dancing on the green and trotting on the road. Liability of £88.12.0 from late Board of Works carried in Council accounts.

Council gives Fire Brigade permission to build a bell tower and give shed in Alfred Street (opposite Criterion Hotel).

24: Mr W. H. Eyes elected Wairau Representative in House of Representatives.

Well to be dug in Market Place for fire fighting (where Cleghorn Rotunda was later built).


Footpaths formed in Alfred Street.


Council levies an education rate of 2d in the £.

56,600 gallons of beer brewed annually in Blenheim. Council lights kerosene lamps on Omaka River. Population 761.


7: Presbyterian Church opened for worship by the Rev. John Bannatyne (east of present R.S.A. Clubhouse).

Three newspapers in district — Marlborough Press in Picton; Marlborough News and Marlborough Express in Blenheim. Brewery opened in Grove Road.


Tenders accepted for forming and metalling Maxwell Road —Hannan & Cameron, £159.


Tender of T. A. Dickens accepted for repairs to Omaka Bridge leading from Alfred Street, £279.


Gravel for Blenheim streets brought from Boulder Bank. 14


A tar barrel is set alight in Mr Emmerson's paddock behind Redwood Street to test the efficiency of the Fire Brigade. The fire was out five minutes after the bell sounded.

Four-foot footway added to Omaka Bridge to Grove Road (Alfred Street bridge).


30: William B original surveyor of the Wairau Plain Budge (1848), dies aged 55. His residence was in Budge Street.


First postman appointed in Blenheim, Mr R. Rush. Two de­liveries, 9 am and 3.30 pm daily.

Rates 1/- in the £.

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