The First Hundred - 1870


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Mayor: Mr H. Dodson

Councillors: Messrs F. J. Litchfield, F. T. Farmar, J. Taylor, J. Sinclair, J. E. Hodson, W. Nosworthy, J. M. Hutcheson, J. T. Robinson, W. M. Collie.


Repairs to the Opawa Bride finished. When the bridge could bridg be crossed a punt was provided.


No quorum at Council meeting.


Action threatened against householders who neglect to trim their gorse hedges.

Council refuses to prohibit wool washing in Arthur Street.

Offer of a fire engine accepted subject to a subsidy from an assurance company.

The stock yard in Wynen Street is declared a public pound. Inspector of Works recommends the removal of hillocks in Market Place.

Appointment of Inspector of Nuisances recommended, £5 per annum.

A committee recommends that a ditch be dug to drain a swamp behind Arthur Street. This ditch would drain the Taylor River into the Omaka and so avoid flooding the town; it became known as Lock-up Creek, terminating near the present Aviary.

Licence revenue from publicans £780.


Gaol attached to Court House in Market Place.


Councillor Sinclair appeals to the Magistrate, Dr S. L. Muller, against his rates, which he, the largest landowner, held were too high and the result of faulty valuation. (He was unsuccessful. He was described by a contemporary historian as being substantially responsible for retarding Blenheim during the earlier "Board of Works" administration period, 1863-69.)

Council proposes to borrow £1000 at 8% for erection of pro­tective works to prevent overflow of Omaka and Opawa Rivers. Council becomes Education Board for district.

First A. & P. Show held in Sinclair's paddock in Main Street.


Blenheim Cricket Club formed. Estimates £412. Rates 1/- in £.

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