The First Hundred - 1869


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Mayor: Mr F. J. Litchfield

Councillors: Messrs J. M. Hutcheson, J. T. Robinson, W. M. Collie,

H. Dodson, W. Nosworthy, J. Sinclair, J. E. Hodson, Elijah Bythell, J. Taylor, F. T. Farmar.


6: His Excellency the Governor, Sir George Bowen, G.C.M.G., proclaims and constitutes the district comprised within the town of Blenheim as the boundaries are defined in and by the Municipal Corporations Act of 1876 to be a Borough under the said Act. These are sections 46-47-48 Opawa and 1-3-50-51 Omaka as shown on the New Zealand Company's plan of the Wairau Plain and page five and six of the New Zealand Gazette 1869.


2: First meeting of the Blenheim Borough Council in the Town Hall.

The Town Clerk, Mr James Tucker Robinson, receives a salary of £40 per annum.

Tender for repair of Opawa Bridge accepted, £69.15.0 (north end of Grove Road).


Applications called for town valuer, salary £10 per annum. Tenders called for filling holes in Grove Road.

Council offices established in Messrs Robinson Bros' store, High Street (opposite what is now Newman Bros Ltd).

Repairs to Maxwell Road, Alfred Street, Collie's Bridge. By-law passed prohibiting furious riding of horses in the streets. Second meeting of Council; no quorum.


Council proposed to make a rate of 1/- in the £.

Council seal approved. The seal consisted of figures repre­senting shipping, corn and wool packs.

shipping Clerk advises that a rate of 1/- in the £ would produce £395.

Stormy scenes created by the largest ratepayer, Councillor James Sinclair, who wanted a rate of 6d struck. A rate of 1/-in the £ was struck.

Applications for inspector of works invited, salary £5 per annum. Publicans' licence fees and local wharf charges to be credited to Council.


Council applies for all reserves to be vested in the Council.


An effort is made to have the streets in Blenheim vested in the Borough, which has to maintain them. This was defeated and legal control was finalised only some 90 years later. Since their subdivision was a private venture, areas laid off as streets re­mained the property of Messrs Fell and Seymour. Constant use gave the impression of town ownership.


Tender for Grove Road Bridge over the Opawa accepted (108 feet long, 18 feet wide, £587).

Mr H. Dodson elected Mayor.

Rates 1/- in £, producing £500. Capital value £8000.

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