Samuel Ironside Diaries- The Wairau Incident

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2nd (July 1843) This Sabbath & the last are very unlike those it has been my pleasure to spend in time past. Only 9 or 10 natives to address & if I go to the English Whaling settlements the majority are away in the boats, for whalers have no Sabbath, & the few who are left will not come to worship. Or for the direction and blessing of God! I never needed them more.

8th (July 1843) A newspaper has arrived from Port Nicholson, containing an account of a determination on the port of the Magistrates to leave the settlement of this unhappy affair entirely to Government & they wish to assure the natives of their pacific intentions. Thinking this of importance. I went over to Queen Charlotte Sound to seek my own people & if possible induce them to return - They are in a very retired place where it would puzzle the officers of government to find them. I was sorry to be obliged to return without accomplishing my intentions they are only waiting for some people from the Pelorus River & Durville Island when they intend crossing the Straits and Joining Te Rauparaha. They are fully determined to defend their chief even to the death.


1 In Tasman Bay. 1 At this period South Island was considered to be the middle Island, and Stewart Island the South Island. JEL. * In Tasman Bay NE of Nelson - JEL

4 ( Note by Eddis Linton : 3.3.1982. Sydney observatory advised there were 200 reported observations between 5 Feb 1843 & 19 April 1843. It was called the "Great March Comet" and has an estimated period of 513 years.

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