Samuel Ironside Diaries- The Wairau Incident

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15 April (1843). While preparing to leave this morning for Port Nicholson in the murder case, I heard great noises outside & found that they proceeded from the natives who had had no money, bringing potatoes & pigs as their quota toward yesterdays collection. 243 baskets potatoes @ /6 ?6-1-6 -7 pigs ?2-17-0. Really they have done well ! 27 (April 1843) Returned home early this morning from P. NicholsoN quite sick from the effects of the voyage but glad to get here. The man Cook acquitted, but I think had there been more diligence on the part of the prosecution he would have been convicted - not that I want him executing, for I think that his life, rendered irksome would be a greater punishment to him than a public execution, besides giving him opportunity to repent. The society at P.N. (Port Nicholson) flourishes but they sadly want a chapel - & Col. Wakefield & his party will do all that lies in their power to make them want. After all the professions of the Company about religion, this colony has been here more than three years & not a church or chapel of any sort built - Services held in the Court House, Exchange & such places. 1st May (1843). I had great pleasure yesterday in admitting to Baptism about 12 of the original inhabitants of this place. I.e. those who were here when the KAURA tribe came those I baptized were a remnant of cruel save war. 16th (May 1843). Have returned from a visit to Tory Channel, whether I went accompanied by my dear wife, for the purpose of administering the sacrament of the Lord's supper to the members there & baptizing some who had had some time desiring the ordinance. We were very agreeably surprised on the Sabbath morning to see our friend and brother BUTTLE who is on his way to TARANAKI. His ship put in here to wait for a fair wind. 22 (May 1843) Te RAUPARAHA and TE RANGIHEATA have arrived across the Straits on their way to WAIRAU, a large rally 15 miles south of this, which the N.Z. Land company want to get, but they are not disposed to part with it. They are heathens and violent ones too. I am afraid best there should be mischief done. If the surveyors at WAIRAU resist them in what they may do on their arrival there will be confusion.

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