Samuel Ironside Diaries- The Wairau Incident

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13th (March 1843) Yesterday I had much freedom in speaking to the nations about the persistent chief from Luke 23.39-43 in the evening from the matchless power & authority of Christ the Eternal son of God from Col 1. 15-18. But the people are by no means so much in earnest about salvation as they were two or three months back. The all absorbing subject of the colonization of their country, and land settlement various other harassing subjects connected with & growing out of colonization, has a very unfavourable influence on their religion. If the coming of Europeans to New Zealand were attended with spiritual good to the natives I should rejoice, but as it is I cannot. 8th (April 1843). Having heard that Bro. Emales had arrived at Nelson on his way to POURUA, the circuit to which he was appointed last district meeting, I have been to see him & his beloved one, the bereaved sister of the Rev. J.H.Bumby our late chairman. Grief appears to have made sad inroads in here constitution. She is not half the woman she was when we came from England 4 years ago. The Lord support for here & her breath. She has got two fine boys. Mr. Aldred is also arrived at Nelson, & has every prospect of good. I found it good to be there on Sabbath day the 2nd mist. This poorly in body. Yet I had liberty of soul in speaking twice to a very numerous congregation on very important subjects. 14th (April 1843) Endeavouring this morning to realize the important event to which this day commemorates - was melted & softened while reading the account of - the four evangelists of our Lord's passion. In the forenoon the people were my attention to the words spoken from John 19.34. It was a blessed season to me & I hope to them - Afternoon was our first Missionary Meeting - about 12 gave addresses without moving or seconding resolutions & we collected ?1-6-1 in cash chiefly shillings & half crowns. Noble effort of natives without any European to help them. The Meeting would have gone off better, but that the Government Brig having arrived, Capt. Richards came in the midst of our meeting to fetch me & the native witnesses in the case Regina v Cook for murder. This put us in a little confusion, however after arranging to proceed in the morning the meeting went on. Evening was still more profitable while I spoke from our saviour's last words" It is finished". This has been a good day.

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