Tawhitinui and Tarakaipā Islands

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Tawhitinui (L) and Tarakaipā (R) Islands
Tawhitinui (L) and Tarakaipā (R) Islands

Tawhitinui and Tarakaipā Island are located in Tennyson Inlet. Another much smaller island, Awaiti Island, is located south east of Tawhitinui Island. The islands are covered in mature regenerated native forest, and although possum free, have ongoing problems with rats and wasps. Stoats can also potentially swim from the mainland. Ongoing pest control is undertaken by the Department of Conservation in collaboration with the Tennyson Inlet Island Trust established with the aim of ensuring the islands remain as predator free as possible. Penguins have been observed nesting on Tawhitinui Island, and wētā are also present. Fur seals can be found on the shore. Ngāti Kuia have ownership on Tarakaipā Island as part of their treaty settlement, and Ngāti Apa also have cultural association recognised.

Although public access is permitted, there are no established landing facilities.

Area: 54.4 hectares (combined) 21 hectares Tawhitinui
Highest Point: 122m (Tarakaipā Island)
Status: Scenic Reserve
Public Access: Yes


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