Maud Island

Last Modified: 20-2-2019 14:11

Maud Island is a small island in the Marlborough Sounds that is able to provide a safe haven to a number of New Zealand's and indeed the world's rarest species. Access to the island is strictly controlled by the Department of Conservation, and public access is not normally allowed. Total area is about 320 Hectares and includes a variety of habitats.

One of the most significant projects underway on the island is a Kakapo breeding program. The Kakapo is the world's largest parrot. It is also flightless and nocturnal. The Kakapo also has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the world's rarest birds, with only a few dozen living birds. Another significant endangered species is the Takahe, a flightless relative of the more widespread Pukeko, or swamp hen.

Maud Island is just one of a number of of predator free islands administered by the Department of Conservation as part of its program to maintain and recover endangered species.

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