Cape Campbell

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Cape Campbell Lighthouse
Cape Campbell Lighthouse

Cape Campbell is a remote and windswept point at the south-eastern extremity of Clifford Bay notable for its lighthouse. A reef runs out to sea some distance from the shore leading to the need for a lighthouse. The first wooden lighthouse began operation in 1898, however rapid decay of the wooden structure resulted in construction of a new, steel tower completed in 1905. Automation in 1986 removed the need for a lighthouse keeper, however the cottages remain.

The cottages are on private land, and permission is required to stay in them, however public access to Cape Campbell along the shore from Marfells Beach is possible. Prior to the November 2016 magnitude 7.8 Kaikoura earthquake, access via the shore required careful timing to coincide with low tide, however following the earthquake, the seabed experienced significant uplift, making the location more accessible.

During World War II, a radar station was constructed with poles on the hills behind the lighthouse remaining to the present day.

The area is rich in marine life with extensive paua beds. New Zealand fur seals and sea birds can be found in the area.


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