Marlborough Art Society

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Marlborough Art Society was established in August, 1961 to promote creative arts through education and regular exhibitions.

In August 2000 the society purchased the former Kingdom Hall  of the Jehovah's Witnesses at 204 High Street, Blenheim, and converted it into an art gallery and workshop facility. Further development extended the gallery into two separate rooms, the Clearwater Gallery and Clearskies Gallery, allowing either larger single exhibitions or two simultaneous exhibitions in the separate galleries. Significant sponsorship was provided by Yealands Estate, which gained naming rights over the gallery complex.

The society holds the prestigious annual Peters Doig Art Awards attracting entries from around the country, with a substantial cash prize for the winning art work, and numerous smaller prizes including one specifically for a Marlborough artist.

Throughout the year, the society provides the opportunity for individual members to book the gallery for exhibitions, as well as holding members' exhibitions which showcase the diversity of talent and technique in the local art community. Works are mostly paintings, however photographs, sculpture and ceramics are included in some exhibitions.

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