101 Things to do in Marlborough

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In the light of the recent AA Traveller 101% Kiwi challenge, I wondered if it would be possible to come up with a similar list for Marlborough. I thought for a bit and I've managed to come up with a list of 101 things to do in Marlborough. I'm not associated with Destination Marlborough in any way, and don't get paid anything for doing this. You may or may not agree with my list and may have other suggestions, which I'd love to hear. Of the paid activities, I've received nothing from the businesses or events concerned, but have included them because I think they have something distinctive about them.

It's going to take a few days to get the list up, as I'm going to give a short summary of why I've selected each item on the list, and in most cases, I'll be providing a photo, as I've actually done or been to most of the events or locations on the list. There are a mix of free and paid activities on the list, that cater to a range of interests, although due to the nature of Marlborough, outdoor activities tend to dominate. Some activities require a high level of fitness, and I expect very few people will be able to tick off 101 of 101 activities. Once the list is up, if you can provide photographic evidence that you've done all 101, I'm prepared to present you with a certificate, of your achievement. I can't afford to do any more than this, but if there are any local businesses or even Destination Marlborough that would like to sponsor some sort of medal or other record of achievement, please contact me.

Finally a word about defining Marlborough. Up to 1989 local government reforms, Kaikoura District was part of the Marlborough region, and Marlborough extended as far south as the Conway River. There are plenty of people who will have been familiar with this larger version of Marlborough, and DOC on their web site include the Kaikoura coast in their 'south Marlborough' area. Kaikoura commemorates Marlborough Anniversary along with the rest of Marlborough as it was part of the Marlborough province in the 19th Century. For this reason, I've included Kaikoura activities in the list.

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