Brian FM

Last Modified: 19-2-2019 16:50

Brian FM is a Blenheim based radio station with a non-commercial focus, broadcasting music without commercials or commentary. Based in Blenheim, Brian FM broadcasts on 100.9MHz in Blenheim, 104.3 in Seddon and the Awatere, 105.9 in Picton and 100.1 in Havelock on  the FM band. The station is also available in some other parts of NZ on other frequencies.

Unlike other radio stations where personality is a big part of the station identity, Brian FM prefers to remain anonymous.

Without any commercial demands, the station operators are free to choose any variety of music that appeals to them, with a selection that appears to have an emphasis on classic rock and heavy metal, but not exclusively, with other genres such as reggae and punk also amongst the selection.

Brian FM is designated as the official civil defence emergency frequency for Marlborough in the event of a natural disaster.

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