Marlborough Farmers' Market

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Marlborough Farmers' Market provides an opportunity for local Marlborough food growers to sell seasonal produce and other food products direct to the public.

In addition to seasonal fruit and vegetables, food products include wild game, locally made cheeses, jams and preserves and other products.

During the warmer months of the year, the market is held every Sunday at A & P Park in Blenheim from 9am to noon on Sundays. In the colder winter months, the market operates on a smaller scale in the Blenheim town centre at the Forum.

Rules require that vendors must be based in Marlborough and involved in the production of the food that they sell, although anyone who meets these requirements and pays the appropriate fee may participate.

The Marlborough Farmers' Market only provides an outlet for local food products, however there is a separate Artisans' Market held on Saturday mornings in Blenheim that caters for a wider range of local producers including arts and crafts. While there is some overlap of products, the two markets are largely complimentary due to the Farmers' Market having a strict focus on food, whereas there is more of an arts and crafts focus at the Artisan Market.

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