Marlborough Milk Station

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Marlborough Milk Station
Marlborough Milk Station
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Designed by Haughton, Son & Mair in 1958, The Marlborough Milk Treatment Company on the corner of Alabama Road and Redwood Street produced pasteurised milk in pint, and later 600ml in addition to 300ml cream in glass bottles for distribution in Blenheim and nearby areas. Milk was delivered to the home by small refrigerated trucks, and in addtion to cash, milk tokens - small coloured plastic discs or sometimes other shapes, could be purchased from supermarkets or from the milk truck itself and used to exchange for milk.

The plant was extended part way through its life with a new structure to improve the automated bottling facilities.

Eventually, glass bottles were phased out in favour of cardboard cartons, and these in turn were replaced plastic bottles.

The plant became part of Meadow Fresh under Fonterra, later to be sold to Goodman Fielder in 2005.
Goodman Fielder closed the plant in May 2006 making 19 staff redundant, with milk trucked to Blenheim by road from Christchurch.
The site was put on the market in 2014, and sold in February 2016.

In July 2016, the building was demolished.

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