Marlborough Culture


Marlborough has developed as a region primarily through primary industry. Unlike other areas of New Zealand where European colonisation proceeded with a great deal of planning, Marlborough communities have tended to form in response to the needs of primary industry in the region. This, and the tendency to rely heavily on other more established centres such as Christchurch and Nelson, led to a slow initial development of a rich local cultural experience. Marlborough can lay claim to a very extensive local Maori heritage, and as the region has matured and developed an identity in its own right, something that can be called uniquely Marlborough has started to emerge, and many cultural activities and events are well represented.


Blenheim Musical Theatre


For a region with such a small population base, the local operatic society is a great local success story, built on the years of hard work by dedicated members.

Church of the Nativity


The Church of the Nativity is Blenheim's largest Anglican church, and is the continuation of a long Anglican presence in the region.

Marlborough Art Society


Marlborough Art Society has existed since August, 1961 to promote creative arts through education and regular exhibitions.

Marlborough Multicultural Festival


On the 19th of March 2006 Marlborough held its inaugural Multicultural Festival.

Omaka Marae


Omaka Marae is a focal point for local Maori social and cultural activity in the Blenheim area.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church


Saint Mary's Church is recognised nationally as a building of significant historic importance, as one of the best preserved wooden churches in existence.