Marlborough People


Marlborough has had its share of famous people, from sports people to quite literally, rocket scientists. Many other people, while not having achieved international fame, have still played an important role in local society.


Greathead, Aston


One of New Zealand's most productive full time artists.

Noel Mangin


Noel Mangin was an operatic bass who began his musical career as a boy soprano. Born in Wellington, he spent his later childhood in Blenheim.

Pickering, Sir William


A key figure in a number of significant NASA projects, Sir William Pickering spent his early years in Marlborough.

Redwood, Henry


Henry Redwood was a pioneer in horse racing in New Zealand.

Renwick, Thomas


Founder of the town that bears his name, Renwick was prominent in the European development of Marlborough

Rosina Buckman


Rosina Buckman was an operatic and concert soprano born in Blenheim in 1881 who met with considerable national and international success.

Seymour, Arthur Penrose


One of Marlborough's early polititians, Seymour served at both the provincial and national level.

Shand, Thomas Phillip


Representative for Marlborough and one of the area's foremost polititians.

Sinclair, James


One of Marlborough's earliest businessmen, active in the drive for provincial independence.

Wynen, James


James Wynen was one of Marlborough's first European Settlers, and founder of the Beaver Hotel.