Marlborough Architecture


Due to being a sparsely populated and earthquake prone region, architecture might not be the first thing that comes to mind in relation to Marlborough, however the same natural forces that have shaped the landscape and limited the lifespan of many human edifaces, have also resulted in rugged geography that has necessitated the construction of numerous bridges, some of great historical significance. A number of pioneer cottages have survived the ravages of frequent geological movements along with historical high country homesteads, a multitude of country churches, and of course recent constructions such as the Clubs of Marlborough and Marlborough Convention Centre and numerous wineries.

What Marlborough lacks in grand designs, it makes up for with a diversity of constructions set against a rugged natural backdrop.


Bridges of Marlborough


In a region like Marlborough, the humble bridge is a vital piece of functional architecture that keeps people connected and goods flowing.